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DataManagementApp offers small but very simple solution to organize your data in groups and to keep track of your
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3 June 2014

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This is a data management tool.

Many organizations have the problem of organizing their data properly. This is a tool that helps organize data efficiently. Trying to keep track of all the data available, tables and documents and trying to keep track of your inventory, maintenance orders, work activities can be quite a trying situation. You may want to find specific work activity saved on a certain date. This tool will help you save your documents in one database, follow your employees’ daily work activities, etc. To get this app to get working you will need to install SQL Server 2008 or 2012 Express. These are available free. You will also need to download and install ReportViewer and VisualBasicPowerPacksSetup from scripts folder in DataManagementSetup install folder. The data base will need to be set up. The developers provide all the necessary tools to set up the data base as well as all the other tools.

It will be necessary to have Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.0 installed on your PC. Install from Microsoft site, if you do not have them already. Reminder feature helps notify things that you want done on specific days. The data remains in one secure place. All the historical data of changes made to the data is available. The interface is very intuitive and should be very easy to get used to for people who deal with data every day; the DBA types. It is simple to operate too. This is a very good product. Give it a try if you have the need.

Publisher's description

DataManagementApp offers small but very simple solution to organize your data in groups and to keep track of your (or your employees) work activities. You can create users and assign various groups of data to each user. Exploit option to be notified with visual alarm of pending activity. Browse threw your data and history of all your activities you made with fast filters. Choose names, size, order and visibility of columns in tables. Save your documents (.doc, .xls, .pdf, .jpeg, ....etc) into the DataManagementApp database and retrieve them any time you wish. Use reminder as a notifier of what needs to be done on certain date.
In general if you have ever met yourself with need to have all your data in one secure place and to have history of what you have done with those data (depending what your data is) then DataManagementApp is very easy solution for you.
Version 1.2
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